Master Data Management platform built for Snowflake

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What is SnowMDM?

SnowMDM is a simple master data management platform built on the anaconda framework for Snowflake.

Data management made easy

Proactively steward business information

Get the business involve in data curation


Master Data Management

Data management has become a corner stone in the digital world, yet many companies fail to maintain their critical business information. SnowMDM has been designed to enable the average user to proactively validate and enrich the data that supports company operations.

Driver for SnowMDM

The Driver for SnowMDM As a data management consultant, the most frequent issue that we see is the lack of business involvement in data curation. From duplicate customers, incorrect address formats, and invalid contact information to surrogate keys flowing downstream, exposed PII, and incorrect natural keys. SnowMDM is designed to enable business operators and analyst to maintain critical information used to operation the business.

Business Impact

Data management issues stem from poor data quality, either self-inflicted or system generated, leading to inefficient operations. This can have a material impact on the business, yet most fail to take the proactive approach. Let’s wake up from the data nightmare and start taking simple steps towards identifying data issues before they become a bigger problem.

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With Streamlit, we take advantage of robust Snowflake native capabilities.

Streamlit is a robust web application framework designed for the enterprise level. It empowers professionals, including those in business and data science roles, to rapidly transform their data analysis scripts written in Python into sophisticated and interactive web applications. With Streamlit, enterprises can efficiently develop powerful tools for data visualization, analysis, and reporting, facilitating effective decision-making processes. Its ease of use and quick deployment make it a valuable asset for teams working on data-driven projects within large organizations, streamlining the process of turning data into actionable insights.


Snowflake: The Data Cloud

Snowflake is a cutting-edge cloud data platform designed for enterprises. It provides a scalable and flexible solution for storing, processing, and analyzing large volumes of data in the cloud. Snowflake's architecture allows users to separate storage and computing resources, enabling on-demand scalability and efficient data management. It supports a variety of data types and integrates seamlessly with popular analytics and business intelligence tools. Enterprises can leverage Snowflake to centralize their data, enabling collaboration across teams, and ensuring secure and governed access to valuable insights. With its cloud-native approach, Snowflake empowers organizations to optimize their data infrastructure, driving innovation and agility in the rapidly evolving landscape of data analytics at an enterprise scale.

Anaconda: Empowering Data Science

Built to provide robust native data science libraries and models.

Anaconda is a comprehensive data science platform that simplifies the development and management of data-related projects. It includes a distribution of popular programming languages like Python and R, along with a vast collection of pre-built libraries and packages commonly used in data analysis, machine learning, and scientific computing. Anaconda's strength lies in its ability to create and manage isolated environments, allowing users to handle project dependencies and versions effectively. It provides a user-friendly interface for package and environment management, making it a preferred choice for data scientists, researchers, and developers working on data-intensive tasks. Anaconda's all-in-one nature streamlines the setup process, fostering a seamless experience for users engaged in various aspects of data-centric work.